Dropout Diary Day One(ish)

Risky. That’s a word the entire world uses when you do something they’re scared of doing.

I did just that. I decided to drop an year after school to prepare for this big law exam. The worse part was that I ditched offers from good colleges to prepare for it… at home. After weeks of deliberation and determination (via Quora…), I reached the ‘risky’ decision.

The first month was the time of my life. I finally got to start working on the manuscript I had been planning since ages, I was (finally) able to devote my time to my fetish of pro-wrestling and watch the stuff to my heart’s content. I wrote fantasy blogs and all the shit emo teens like to do, things I never did because school books were number 1 priority! Bullshit…

Of course, the clock struck midnight and my Cinderella moment disappeared leaving only the glass slipper called hope. Hope that the dream days would live on longer but they don’t.

Why? Because parents get scared when they see their kids living the high life (note : the author does NOT indulge in cheap thrills called drugs and alcohol…). They get  insecure that the douche they gave birth to might actually forget about what he’s got to do in the year he decided to waste drop.

But what about Mr. Douche who realizes that all ‘associates’ called friends forget about you once they stop seeing you on a regular basis. Besides, you’re replaceable. Those guys can always make new friends in college, new best friends who can fill your spot, crack better jokes, be more popular and have more girls beside them. Mr. Douche can never be an irreplaceable person in anyone’s life, however nice or helpful they may be. Even being super popular and having loads of friends doesn’t help.

The parents don’t get that. They don’t get that it can all become depressing. That their little douche might be going down deep and every thing can’t be right just because he keeps pretending it is.

It’s tough, really. Risky things can make or break a man. But as the Japanese Samurai believed, Bushido, the code of the warrior must be honoured until the end. A warrior can never back out of a fight. So here I am, fighting a war I created myself. Fighting the circumstances and the traps laid by the mind.

I decided to start this here because well, I need to write what I think to relieve myself. It helps. I’ll regularly keep updating of how it’s going just so anyone who plans on taking risky decisions gets to know how powerful psyche really is.

Godspeed, fellas.

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