I hate the way I’ve been feeling this past month. I have been feeling depressed like I lost myself completely. I need to revalue what is important. This marriage is drowning me. I have been through everything with you for 2 years going on 3 this December that is if we make it that far. Its been hard living with my grandma and not sleeping with you at night anymore for this past month. You coming to see me every few day or every other day for 3 hours or less. This is not how it should be. It should be you and me living together in that place you say you have. What is up with that you tell me you have something but dont prove it at all. Why do you lie? I dont want to get a divorce but we are not the same as we use to be at all. We hardly talk and hardly spend time together. I am sad and happy to go see my family next week for 2 weeks to re process my mind and to think about what we need to do to fix our marriage or if its time to say goodbye. I hope the lord guides us and helps us find the way to what is right for our lives and everything comes out ok.






This is my feelings dont judge my post . Im making this public because its nice to see what others post and it isn’t easy to post your personal things for the public to see but im deciding to give it a try. 

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