Son of a beach

So I’ve been slacking on my entries because I’ve been going out a lot.  In fact I almost went out four nights in a row -minus Tuesday.  Started on Sunday.  I would say I had fun but looking back I really didn’t.  I didn’t meet anyone worthwhile.  Well, I thought I did on Sunday but he hasn’t called back to hangout again even though he keeps saying he wants to. Come to find out he’s on Tinder which I just joined last night.  Maybe that’s why he’s so “busy.”  Ugh I’m so sick of dating I don’t know why I even joined.  Thursday I went out for a birthday and got way too drunk and ended up hooking up with this russian guy and doing coke.  I think I have a coke hangover because I feel like I’m going to die.  Never again.  I just need to stay at home and be a hermit and start reading again but I know the wild side of me won’t let me.  Today I have work and I feel like shit in all ways possible.  Not in the mood.  Ugh, I just miss my ex (oh whom I also saw on tinder as well).  Damn I hate being single.  

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