the heart gets no sleep.

Yesterday night, our next-door apartment neighbor was being awful and talking very loudly on the phone to God knows who. My window was open, so I woke up at one or so to what I thought at first was two people having a conversation. I crawled over and peeked through the blinds, and saw it was just our neighbor, standing on the grass outside my window, calling someone. He kept talking and talking until he finally walked around to the back of the building where I couldn’t hear him, so I thought he was done, but later he looped back and KEPT TALKING. The cycle repeated itself a few times until I was finally so exhausted that I just fell asleep and didn’t wake up again until morning.

It made me really irrationally furious. I HATE loud people. It’s like they don’t even care that they’re being loud and bothering people who are sleeping. One night there was this group of (I assume) college bros who came over to a building in our row and spent a goddamned awful amount of time yelling and talking in huge bro voices. I can’t stand people who are loud… who take up a lot of space… ugh…

I think the neighbor broke up with his occasional live-in girlfriend, or she broke up with him¬†because today she packed up her stuff and drove off. He DID talk about how “she wants me to pay for her to go to Disney World…” or some crap like that while he was on the phone.

I’m having fun reblogging stuff on Tumblr with weird long tags. I love the way lots of vaporwave posts are pink/blue/purple; I like that aesthetic.

Weird thought-jump again: I really want a cat. I can’t have one until after college, probably. I just want to PET an animal really badly… I haven’t petted any dogs or cats in so long, and that’s sad. The last dogs I petted were the ones in Petco (although I did feel really bad for not being able to take them home with me when I left–the sad looks they gave me made me so GUILTY) a few months ago.

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  1. I’m glad my neighbourhood isn’t like that – rarely I’ll have a few young adults yelling, but not a lot of noise bothers me when I try to sleep unless I was having trouble sleeping beforehand, and they usually just keep walking. And having a cat would be amazing for you I believe. The purring and cuddling is just so relaxing. Hope people stop yelling and let you sleep though !

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