Uh oh

I seem to already be enamoured. I find myself staring at the stars at night and hearing that song… somewhere out there and thinking these hopeful thoughts.  

my favorite movie of all time is pretty woman.  Besides the fact that I love Julia Roberts,  I saw something more in that movie than just a hooker gets this rich guy. I saw a woman who hid her true self. A caring sensitive woman that hid behind her occupation.  She’d been hurt and she turned off her emotions.  He sees immediately she’s more than meets the eye.  While his best friend sees only a hooker to be used he sees something more.  Something beautiful.  I haven’t watched it years.  In general I haven’t watched a “chick flick” in at least five years.  They were just a reminder of something I would never know so why bother? I was scrolling through channels today and it was on and I found myself watching it and smiling.  

Now don’t get me wrong that like a lot of chick flicks shows you the budding romance,  not the train wreck a few years later so that that’s one thing.  The only other movie that ever really got to me was p.s. I love you.  That goes beyond chick flick to completely unrealistic in my mind.  In this one,  he is dying of cancer and he knows when he’s gone she won’t know how to live without him.  So he plans things for her starting with her following birthday after he passes, she gets a letter from him he tells her what he wants her to do. She does it for him although he’s passed, but he planned it for her.  He gets her to move on with her life after he’s gone.  That one… well I have tears just writing it so no I won’t watch it.  But still,  there’s hope where I never really thought there would be.  

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