Werewolf Cronicles

Hi. I’m Evan

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if I should actually do this.  There are so many people who live in a world of normalcy and never contemplate the possibilities of anything out of the ordinary. Then there are those who would give their left pinky finger to find that the world isn’t so normal after all. They are scouring the internet for UFOs, ghost stories and Bigfoot.

Well, maybe I can help you out if you are one of those people.  I’m a Werewolf. OK, I’ll give you a few seconds to stop laughing and GET SERIOUS!

There are about two thousand Werewolves living on Earth today. Most of us live in either the United States or in Europe.  There are a few in Japan, China and the Philippines. There are several in Australia and one that I am aware of in Singapore. 

We vary greatly in age but we all appear the age we were when we were first bitten by the Werewolf that created us.  For instance, I was born in 1824 and was twenty-four years old when I was bitten in 1848.

I appear to be twenty-four but I am actually 193 years old.  That would explain my tendency to sound like an old man at times.  Now, before you spike my diary and go “Oh my God. Donald Trump is having an effect on the sanity of America.” Hear me out for a bit. 

You probably don’t know about us because we would really rather that you didn’t know about us.  Living a normal life is the dream of almost every Werewolf I know.  Save for a full moon each month ( give or take) we all live pretty normal lives.  As an example, I live in a nice house in New Orleans Louisiana. I am married to a lovely lady named Elizabeth and we have two very normal little boys named Lorin and Aiden.  

Werewolfism is not hereditary so my boys will never be Werewolves unless they are as unfortunate as I was, to be bitten by another Werewolf.  There is no such thing as Werewolf puppies, (as cute as it may sound, sorry).

Jonathan DeLuce is the head of all Werewolves and is a very nice man. He lives in Nice France with his wife and daughter.  Nice is considered the headquarters for the world’s Werewolves.  OK you’re laughing again* Before Jonathan, there was Orage who was not so nice and was recently murdered by two of his mistresses in 2016.  Later we will discuss the method for murdering a Werewolf.  It’s not pleasant.

Most of us have ordinary jobs and over our lifetimes have had many different professions. I am a Flight Control Instructor and I work for a contractor to the FAA.  I fix flight control radar instrumentation at airports all over the world.  

I’ll let you wallow in your disbelief for a while and continue my story in subsequent entries.




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