248.6 – NL 

Feeling good, glad to see the 240’s, and glad to see that I have less than 100 pounds before I hit my goal weight. Although, I have no idea how I’ll feel as I get closer to that imaginary number that I pulled out of the air, so we’ll see. Either way, I feel great.

I started testing my blood glucose out of pure curiosity.

Blood Glucose before eating dinner: 84 mg/dL
10 mins after steak w/ bearnaise: 86 mg/dL
1 hour after steak w/ bearnaise: 95 mg/dL
2 hours after steak w/ bearnaise: 94 mg/dL

This morning it was 99 mg/dL. I wonder if that’s normal? But I only have a handful of results, so I will keep on testing and trying to get an average.

The plan for today:

Have an awesome on-plan day, all! 

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