My name is Sadie. This is an apology to a woman I know. Kristyn I. I said some really personal and mean things to you. I would like to apologize for me making fun of you because of your disability and for that I have been receiving daily hypnotherapy. They have given me a temporary speech problem where I won’t be able to speak clearly because of the given treatment that I will be under. I said some really racist and hateful things too. And I think it’s only fair that I hear some nasty racist comments directed at me and then some. I should not have said that. I revealed some really personal stuff about you and I was very rude to you. To show that I am truly sorry I will donate $2,500 to a charity of your choosing and then work to pay off the personal and emotional damage out of my pocket. I really shouldn’t have revealed such information. On top of that I would also like to apologize for stealing from you mainly your phone and then trying to send stuff as though I were you. That was very uncalled for. I accept full responsibility and I will personally apologize to each and every person I wronged and pay for the emotional distress that I have caused. You are a very strong person and I’m sorry I took advantage of you. I admit that I am jealous of you and my insecurities got the best of me. I am very stupid and I admit this very easily. I also apologize for spitting in your face. I know that must have felt nasty to have someone else’s bodily fluids on me. And for that I want to let you know that I was court ordered to work for free in bathrooms cleaning up. Thank you for putting me in my place in front of everyone. I deserved to be humiliated and humbled for what I did to you. To show that I am sorry and that I learned my lesson I think it is only fair that I reveal a personal secret of mine and you may use it against me to teach me a lesson. My secret is that I have a sneeze, spit and shoe fetish. I love stinky spray sneezes and I love smelling my own spit. I spit on my hand and let it dry so that I can smell it later. I love smelling my high heels and stealing other women’s shoes to fulfill my fetish. I hope you use this against me. It is a very personal secret of mine and I want you to tell other people so that they may treat me as bad as I treated you. I hope we can one day put this aside and become friends but I must work on myself first. This was a much needed attitude adjustment. Aside from saying I am sorry, this experience was very eye opening, humbling and deep down very much needed. I hope this experience reaches other women who act as I did. Thank you Kristyn I, for defeating me. Yes Kristyn you have defeated me. Because you made me start to realize how stupid I was. You’re better than me. And because of that, you have defeated me. I enjoyed being put in my place. Have a great life.


P.S. To show that I am truly learning my lesson, I did post this on your Facebook as well as mine to show that I am comfortable being put in my place. I deserve it. I appreciated all of the feedback given by you and those affected directly and indirectly by this. 

Thank you again.




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  1. hello sadie. it is good that you accept that what you did to me was not nice. I accept your apology. i know how hard it must have been for you to be put in your place like that but it was for your own good. i am glad that you decided to reveal that information. i have told my friends about it and they have promised to keep it out of public view if you promise to stop being mean. i am glad you are deciding to be a good girl and i hope you keep it up.

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