Breathe Deeply

 OK. Now that we have established what I am and what I do we can get down to basics. 

In recent years( within the last century),  it has become unpopular for Werewolves to create more Werewolves. Actually it always has been.  Werewolves in recent years rarely take a human either for sustenance or to create.  We prefer the odd deer or some other type of camelope.  A Werewolf is only created when  the Werewolf fails to kill the victim he has attacked.  Since, as I said , we rarely take humans, this almost never occurs anymore.

One of the purposes of the leader or council is to set some of the rules.  Two thousand Werewolves is a sufficient number for the world I think and Jonathan agrees.  If that number should fall, it is possible that an order would go out for more Werewolves to be created.  Since Werewolves are immortal, that number rarely falls except through Werewolf suicides or murders.  Silver bullets are a bit painful but have no effect on Werewolves.  If you believed that they did, you have been watching too much television.  An injury to a Werewolf causes a fluid-like substance called “seriphem” to be emitted from the body and the wound heals within minutes.  This it true whether the Werewolf is in human form or in his “presenting” stage. The presenting stage refers to the time of the full moon when the Werewolf is actually a Werewolf. 

Some years ago I started a web page that brought forth the truths and exposed the myths about Werewolves.  I did this because there were so many people (kids mostly) who thought they knew everything about Werewolves and totally dismissed the most important aspects about Werewolfism. 

  1. We do not take requests.
  2. There are no Werewolf puppies.
  3. We don’t live in the woods in a state of poverty.
  4. Silver bullets are just bullets made of silver. Very pretty though.
  5. Werewolves can never die. 
  6. There are no photographs of Werewolves due to a phenomenon known as spiritual embodiment.  More on that later.                                                                                              From that web site I received hundreds of e-mails from people all over the world. Many became more or less pen pals who write me still on a regular basis.  The one thing that was overlooked was the mental well being of the Werewolf.  Not because being a Werewolf fundamentally effects the mind but because of all the ancillary issues which are there to drive anyone crazy.  For instance, Since we never age a new set of friends is necessary about every ten years or so.  Since we never die, we will endure the pain of watching everyone we know and love eventually leave the earth. We must guard against the revelation that we are Werewolves by having our change alone and never getting hit by a bus while in the presence of humans. 

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