Day 083 – love or infatuation

Today was good.

In office time was passing too quickly, I did completed my one of the major task today that was cool, and after lunch I talked to a female engineer who used to sit next to me we are working on the same project, but we talked about well it was a philosophical talk about how things work in professional life, how same task is perceived differently by different people, like ceo, manager, artists and engineers etc it was me who did the most talk, then I asked her do u know what’s wrong with our nation why our country is not progressing as it used to be, why our country’s image got corrupted across world then I gave her my answers that was, we don’t respect our great hero’s we don’t value them, our young generation don’t know about them they were lost in time we have forgotten them, country’s heros are source of inspiration for youth which is missing in our national, then I said you know what, our nation is confused between religion and science, we are neither fish nor foul which is also stopping us from progressing as nation, then I changed the topic i.e there are increased number of youth who wants to be entrepreneur but you know why we haven’t seen anyone getting succeeded and you know what they are doing wrong? I said a true entrepreneur is when someone try to solve the problem of his life the problem he used to phase in his personal life then he should built the solution for this problem and gave it to others but they are looking into others life and trying to build solution for there problems, one can solves his own problems at best that no one can solve better and you know what we are human we have some problems in common. I was full on I must say then is asked her our talk has become too much philosophical:) then I asked her on how many products you have worked so far and enjoyed most working on it and all. Our talk went that long because we both we gated because ui artist said to us she will give us the UI’s in a while.

At lunch time I went with a boy who was her class fellow in university I little bit talk about her with him he was asking me how’s she in engineering/work and all, I said boy she is smarter then most guys I had worked with, then I didn’t ask him any personal questions about her, but he himself told me she has a good nature, she talk very well and polite with everyone, she is not like other girls (majority of the girls) who are arrogant and things of guys in wrong sense when they try to talk to them, I said yeah it’s cool but sometimes it’s not good some cheap guys might get her wrong and all then we went to get our lunch.

Well I had been working with her for about 1.5 months sometimes I got the impression that there is something going on between us like, when we talked to each other about normal stuff it feels so good, as time went we started talking about personal stuff like family, hobbies, movies and childhood and life in general and these sort of topics, and sometimes when I was talking to her and I felt she is looking in my eyes and not listening it had happened 3 to 4 times and sometimes when I made eye contact with her, I feel so much warmth of her in my soul so I guess that was the start of love from my side, then after one week we were talking and I said what’s your future goals? She said nothing, just only marriage is left:) __ there was a big smile on her face__ then is asked her are you engaged? She said yes__and looks down with little shyness__, I said nice, but my expression hadn’t said nice at all, I guess.

After that I used to talk to her normally about two weeks in these two weeks I can say that my feelings for her grown up but after talking to her today I came to the conclusion she is a very nice girls, it’s my infatuation in future we might be good friends and all, I swear to God If she wasn’t engaged__ planning to getting married in year or so__ then I should propposed her but I believe Its better to have love and lost then not to have love at all , my today interaction with her was pretty normal like a good friend.

I want to end my entry here by saying she is beautiful, smart and her giggle with kill you at least killed me, I like to talk with her.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 083 – love or infatuation”

  1. I would like to not fall in this pit of fire aka love but I must say that life can’t be spent without loving someone,it can be spent without someone loving you but without you loving someone, it’s a waste of life.
    P.s. bht kaam horaha hai office mei,I see 😀

  2. You will know after sometime whether it is love or infatuation. Sooner or later but you will know and who knows you might laugh at it at that time..:-)

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