Day 23 of Sobriety

      Well, it’s day number 23 and I still feel great! It’s still off being so happy all of the time!! I guess it really is true that a person can be high on life! It will still take some time getting used to. It’s odd to say that. 

     The only downer is having so much time on my hands and doing my best to fill that time! I don’t want to be lazy! I have so much motivation and I want to do something productive. I’ve been jogging and doing some workouts – and that’s not only productive but it makes me feel good! But I want to be camping, hiking and doing much more. 

     The feeling motivated is cool on it’s own! Maybe I can grab a second job if I can’t find a Full Time position anywhere. But, I want to make use of my time productively! I don’t want to waste it. I’ve wasted enough time. 

     Work was good tonight! It was just the right amount of busy. Everyone is still telling me how I seem like a new person. I feel like it too. I mean, I’m still me and all of my great qualities still remain…but they’re not overshadowed by negativity from drinking. 

     I just feel lucky that I was awakened and that I chose to enter this program. It’s changed my life for the better so much already and it hasn’t even been a month yet. 

     I saw the Boys for a bit earlier today as well and that was simply awesome! People may not get it, people may not understand – but I am bonded with the two kids. I honestly love them as my own. So seeing them was an amazing feeling. 

     LLS still seemed upset and rightfully so. The things that I did while drinking and hungover were not positive things. However as much as She would hate me saying it – I’m glad because I woke the Fuck up and now my life is going to be pretty sweet! 

Everything does happen for a reason. I’m thankful to LLS for letting me see them and for being pretty cordial!! It meant a lot and it only escalated not only my respect for Her, but my happiness. Wish that I could do something to repay Her for Her generosity. 

I’m going to head out for a jog before I sleep. But, a good day happened! I have another meeting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. These meetings are a God Send. 

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