Day 3 – 30 Days of Summer

Ok ok, I caved and tried it. Holy jeepers it is so damned good (can I swear in here?)!!  

It tasted exactly the way my mommy made it. I could have eaten the whole bowl. The sweet cream and tangy vinegar with the salty and crunch of the radishes; the buttery soft homegrown lettuce you can’t ever buy in a store….all brought together in one bowl of delicious love! 

Grow some healthy garden vegetables and then smother them in cream and call it a salad….who came up with this idea anyway? An amazing woman, that’s who!!  Probably not my mom. It’s probably been handed down through generations. Created on the farm, where you used what you had to make meals for your family. 

What should I make for supper (yes, farmers call is supper)?  Lettuce, radishes, green onion, cream, vinegar, salt, pepper….yup, let’s make that into a salad. And really, if I analyze it with my nutrition certification, it’s technically a clean food. Created with whole natural one ingredient foods, nothing artificial or processed.

Dont eat the whole bowl, just have a serving and enjoy every bite…..can’t argue with science. 

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