Day 81-82, emotional, health & lost my precious gem stones

Oh boy I have miss placed or might lost my two gem stones( ruby and peridot) I hope I found them.

From last few weeks my emotions weren’t very nice to me, at times I became so emotional and feels like a woman soul trapped in a man body:)

My health has been declining from last month specially, may be it’s due to the month of fasting anyway, every single person whom I meet was saying same thing to me you have become so lean and all except those people with whom I meet on daily bases like my family and office colleague, yeah boy they are right my cheekbone has become so visible, there is very thin layer of flash left under my eye and all my muscles of my arms are gone too.

I guess when everybody tells you the something think you start believing in it and as a matter of fact from last week I’m feeling down like a hell, oftentimes I start shivering and my hands starts vibrating darn and whenever I lift weight (even 10 liters water bottle) it puts so much stress on my back, all of this has made me more emotional.

Last night I was feeling so emotional so I decide to go to jogging at night like 9:30 pm the purpose of jogging was to convince my brain that I’m not weak I’m all right usually I do 10 rounds of track __ one round is approximately 400 meters __ but last night I did like 14 t0 15 rounds nonstop I was running like madman, the good thing was, there was no fatigue in my legs and my breath was normal but I became bore so I decided to stop, I could do 5 more rounds easily but I stopped anyway. I laying down on bench for 5 minutes I did pull-ups & chin-ups 10 each after that I did planks and sit-ups its was about 10:30 and it starts raining, most of the people ran out of the park and went home and very few moved under the shelter but I decided to stay in park in open air, I enjoyed rain for about 30 min and when rain becomes slow I decided to go home, before returning to home I bought 4 bananas and I went to home took bath with clean water and ate bananas, when I was returning home my joggers were all wet and full of water 🙂

That’s all for weekend.

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