Hearing Voices Oppression


July 17, 2017

10:32 pm

  These intrusive voices are moderately active tonight. They’ve been increasing in strength later in the evening recently, I still have no idea why though. Early this morning, just before dawn, I was awoken by these harassing spirit attachments chattering  away and causing me to feel the all too familiar and always annoying vibration sensation.

  It’s very rare that they awaken me from sleep anymore, but last night I did not take any sleep-aid and was such that much more vulnerable to this  kind of harassment. 

  I’d still like to get away from taking a sleep-aid so often, but I’m just not sure if I’m ready to yet. It does still seem that when I don’t these negative spirits see it as an opportunity to mess with me that much more.

 I’m about to turn in in a few moments. I’m not chancing it and and going to take some sleep aid tonight. 

 The voices have gotten a little fainter in the past half hour. I hope they continue to fade and I get a chance to catch up on the sleep that I lost last night.

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