Negative Spirit Oppression : Voices Bombardment


July 11, 2017

7:00 pm

   Today was a rough day at work. Of course, these negative spirit attachments took full advantage of that. I didn’t notice their presence earlier in the day, but later in the afternoon, the voices started to become a bit stronger. Now that I’m home, they have become quite active. I can feel pokes and jabs coming up through my chair at this very moment as I sit in my living room and write this. They are bombarding me with voices, but the intensity is not all that strong yet, though I fully expect these voices to become stronger as the evening goes on. Such has been the norm recently.


9:16 pm

  The voices are active this hour, but not that extreme really. They have mostly just been saying cryptic and mysterious things such as “help us get off this planet” and “we surround your planet” and last night I heard them saying “we are a forgotten civilization.”  They often say these cryptic phrases and I have to try and avoid dwelling on them and thinking about their meaning because that simply doesn’t do me any good. I take everything that I hear them say with a serious grain of salt.


10:35 pm

  Well, right on time I suppose. These negative spirit attachments have escalated their harassment this last half hour. The voices have become stronger and clearer and it is essentially now what I call a “bombardment of voices.” I just took one dose of sleep-aid and I’ll probably take another here within a few minutes. I’m not going to put up with this for much longer and I’m going to turn in for the night soon. As usual, the female sounding voice that I call “Pippy” has been the most dominant and harassing tonight. Her voice practically stands out above all others.

  It’s actually difficult for me to even determine how many separate and distinct voices are talking to me at the same time. Often, it will seem like there are a few voices all speaking to me at once, sometimes from different directions it seems. I can say that these days, I mostly hear the same 2-3 voices on any given day. But, there are occasions where it will seem like other voices will just seem to stop by for a bit and then be gone. It’s hard for me to really determine how many negative spirit attachments are attached to my life. I currently suspect that there is indeed more than one, but I simply am not sure. Perhaps there is only one negative spirit around me that can manipulate the voices and create the illusion that there are more when in fact there really isn’t. I simply don’t know for certain.

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