EVP Danger : Negative Spirit Intrusions

July 7, 2017

6:38 am

  Well, last night before I went to bed, the voices from these negative spirit attachments became very intense. When I went to bed, the voices did subside to some degree, but the physical sensations were intense for a little while. Mostly, I was feeling the all too familiar vibration sensation, but it was quite intense last night. I took two doses of sleep-aid and luckily that did the trick. I passed out before too long. The voices are active this morning, but not nearly as intense as they got last night. I did hear the voices say something interesting this morning.

   I was just wondering to myself why the voices have been getting so much stronger at night for quite a while now. I heard a voice say something along the lines that they suffer more at night in astral darkness, that it is darker for them at night. I don’t know whether to believe this or not, but it does make me wonder.

July 8, 2017

6:45 pm

  The voices are active at the moment, not that strong yet, but just moderate. Last night, later in the evening, they became strong. It would not surprise me if they attempted to do so again this evening. It would seem that they’ve changed their strategy a bit here. Earlier in the year, they were harassing me the most as soon as I got into bed at night. This went on for quite a while. I termed it “the Battle for Sleep.”

  As bad as that was at times, on most nights, the harassment didn’t last that long because the sleep-aid that I took usually knocked me out within a fairly short amount of time. So, perhaps they felt like they didn’t get a chance to harass me for as long as they would have liked to and they decided to start escalating things a couple of hours before I turned in for the night. Perhaps with the onset of fatigue later in the evening, I am more vulnerable to their harassment at around this time of night. I simply don’t know, but perhaps it is indeed a deliberate tactic of theirs. They often do use new tactics or at least use the same tactics but in a different way to try and throw you off balance so to speak.

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