A Danger of Ouija Boards : Hearing Voices

July 4, 2017

   I am fully aware that there is much material out there (a lot of material) about the potential dangers involved with using a Ouija Board. This post will be brief and simple. One of the dangers surrounding the use of a Ouija Board is the possibility of developing a condition of hearing intrusive and often tormenting voices as well as potentially experiencing real physical/bodily disturbances.

   I have written much about my own account and how I developed this voice hearing condition (oppression you could say) after experimenting with EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) for a short time during the winter of 2015.

    I have seen other accounts mirroring my own where individuals developed this same condition of hearing critical and abusive voices after using a Ouija Board for the purpose of establishing communication with the spirit world.

   I have often seen it written that this means of communication is more dangerous than other means. Perhaps there is some truth to this, perhaps there is not. But, after finding numerous accounts like my own where individuals were stricken with hearing oppressive voices, I can say that using a Ouija Board does carry the same risk as well.

   I’m sure that there are many other factors involved, but this is something that one should at the very least consider before involving themselves in this traditional form of spirit communication.

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