Is Automatic Writing Dangerous ?


July 3, 2017

   As I have mentioned before in my other post, since I began to hear voices and experience physical/bodily disturbances after I had been experimenting with EVP during the winter of 2015, I have met others with accounts very similar to my own. This has left me with no doubt, that at least one of the very real dangers of experimenting with spirit communication is developing a condition of hearing voices. In most of the accounts that I’ve seen, these voices are often very tormenting, manipulating and almost always extremely intrusive.

   My own situation began after experimenting with EVP and I have seen other accounts where individuals began to hear voices after experimenting with EVP and Spirit Boxes as well. I have also seen many accounts where individuals were stricken with this same condition after experimenting with older methods of spirit communication such as Automatic Writing, Ouija Boards and using a Pendulum. In most ways, these accounts mirrored the accounts of people who had been experimenting with EVP.

  I conclude from this that the danger of developing a condition of voice hearing is still present whether one is involved in spirit communication activity by electronic or more technological means or if one had been involved with spirit communication by these older methods. Perhaps one method carries more danger than another. Perhaps one means can bring on this condition more quickly than another.  This I do not have a definitive answer to at this time. But, I have seen accounts of people developing this condition of hearing intrusive voices and often experiencing real physical phenomenon after engaging in spirit communication by all of these means.

   Aside from other accounts involving EVP, I’d say I’ve probably see the most that involved Automatic Writing. I simply cannot say how prevalent this danger is when one becomes involved with Automatic Writing. But, the problem is that with this situation, these malevolent entities often lure a person in with masterful deception and often when these entities reveal their true nature, they do so after they have already gained access to a person’s perception range (ie: when they can cause them to hear voices).

  Of course, many can and will pursue Automatic Writing and not experience these kinds of things. However, for those just starting to consider it, they should know that developing a condition of hearing intrusive voices is at least one of the dangers.

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