Monday July 3rd

I am going to a Tai Chi class today, which I assume will not be aerobic, so I walked/jogged at the park this morning. I weighed myself- I  actually weighed 1/2 a pound more than the last time I weighed. I would like to be back to at least 128 where I was at spring break week before I leave for Lexington. I want to be under 120 by the time school starts back in September. The lowest I’ve ever been as an adult was 106- that was 19 years ago, though. In 2011, I got down to 111- that’s just too hard to maintain. I have to watch every bite to get that small. I can live around 120, though. 118-120 is a good place for me. I have a small frame and I cannot carry weight. I look terrible. 

Later, that same day…

I liked the Tai Chi class. I don’t really believe all that bullshit about your chi and energy and blah blah blah. It’s made up bullshit just like religion, BUT, I do think the meditation and visualization concepts are good for stress and anxiety. I just don’t believe in chakras and whatever. There is no evidence to prove any of that stuff is true. 

I just talked to one of the two people that were going to look into my rent stabilization issue. He had bad news. He said he didn’t think I had a case. That is disappointing. That means I’m most likely back on the hunt for a fucking apartment. Ugh. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I don’t want to deal with moving and I don’t want to have to worry every fucking year my lease is up that they are going to jack up my rent. Fuck. 

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