So my brother and sister are here for a quick visit. Tomorrow, they’re taking us to Houston to see the Museum of Natural Science, which is awesome!

It’s kind of awkward being around them. At least, it’s awkward for me. We’re not the closest siblings in the world.

Anyway, I’m still reblogging one million things on Tumblr. Also, my heart hurts for Hayley Williams, who seems to be really struggling right now, what with her divorce and all of the past band drama. Honestly, I never really liked Chad that much anyway, but it’s sad that Hayley seems to be having such a rough time. Sigh.

Also, I ordered my summer reading books from Amazon, and they were pretty cheap. The worrying thing is that one of them might not get shipped until the 25th, which is kind of late for me to be reading it, annotating it, and then writing a paper about it. Um. I guess I should have thought about this way earlier. But oh well. I’m a fast reader and a crazily fast writer when I’m REALLY pressed for time. I’ll just spend July studying for my SAT instead.

I really miss my friend JS. She’s basically the only person here that shares a really close sense of humor with me. We also have a lot of the same interests. I remember spending the last few weeks of school talking about weird crap like creepy videos, occult rituals, and demonic/spiritual games with her, which I know sounds really strange! But we were considering trying out some (more harmless) demon-summoning games and rituals if we were still in the same place after high school. Good times, good memories.

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