My baby is finally here!!!!

I picked him at the airport 2 days ago. I missed him sooooooooOOOOOOO much. I can tell he missed me too because he didn’t want to stop hugging on me and kissing my neck …and that was at the airport lol. 

So far we went out to some COOL places that I love out here and I’ve been showing him around the city. He’s never had a beignet in his life so of course I had to take him to Cafe du monde this morning. Then we went to visit more tourist attractions and such. We were suppose to go to a movie tonight but when we came back to his hotel so he could shower and change he ended up falling asleep. my poor babe is completely asleep lol and I dont want to wake him. I’ve been staying at my aunts, but Ashton’s hotel is fucking awesome, its really beautiful actually …. I’ve stayed here before , its why I recommended it. 

i missed him so much, im so happy he’s here. 🙂 i can tell he missed me so much, and he told me “skylar, i have missed you a lot. i’m in love with you. and i don’t think its a smart idea to be away from one another anymore” – this was part of a conversation about a major fight we got into when i ended all contact with him. 🙁 im stupid. but we had an amazing talk last night and I’m so in love with him, its the most beautiful feeling in the world when you both love each other so  much, its mutual. 🙂 and of course i had to make it up to him for being a moron with him when we had our fight and me acting stupid with him because of it, i cooked him a home dinner 🙂 well,  my aunt helped but im learning lol. aand intense love making was a perk too lol. 

i love him so much. he makes me so happy, he helps me to have a positive outlook on life with his constant ‘positive mental attitude’. he’s just such a naturally positive person, he looks for the best in people, and he’s nonjudgemental …. ‘sometimes to a fault’ i tell him, because i feel like people could take advantage of him because of it. but he’s a great human being with a lot of intelligence and a lot of heart. at times i feel like im not good enough for him. because ive never met someone like him. 

he makes me cry when he tells me “i love you so much skylar. you’re probably going to be my wife someday. and you’re going to have my babies.” he says it with such sincerity its almost vulnerable and he told me that after we had a bad fight and it was only ‘bad’ because i have a dumb attitude where i like to argue and then cry about it. lol. 🙁 im stupid. he’s too good to me and ive never been treated like this so i dont know how to handle it sometimes. to many people its second nature to reciprocate with love, but to me its almost akward because ive dated losers and assholes and cheaters all my life. god, i love him. 

anyway, im bored here watching tv. i think i might go cuddle up to my baby and then clean up the rooms a bit, then im going home to my aunts. i feel like he’d sleep better if he can rest more comfortably alone tonight. 

well goodnight peeps.


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