[4] ~*Tue – 07/04/17*~

[7:48 pm]

I always feel like my day off is somewhat wasted. I have one day off per week so of course all I want to do on that day is sleep. I woke up around 2 pm so my morning was gone but it’s mostly always the case on Tue. I had to clean the suggies cage which I did but it sorta makes me mad cause I’m always the one cleaning (on my day off) while hub plays his games. My day off isn’t really a resting day cause I always try to catch up on things I didn’t do during the week cause I didn’t have time while hub is always enjoying his days off. I’m normally OK with it cause I rather do it all myself, I’m just that kind of person, but sometimes I get frustrated with it. I mean, he’s supposed to be the one who cleans the tray each week but I don’t even think he did it once since we changed their cage for a bigger one. He also never cleaned the whole cage. Since I do the cleaning of the cage I asked him to clean their kitchen each day but of course most of the time I’m the one doing it. Bleh! Like I said, I’m mostly OK with doing everything around the house cause I’m that kind of person, who needs to do it all cause other people can’t do it right, but I get my days where I get overwhelmed by everything and want to scream.

We were supposed to clean the gutters today cause they are over due and of course it’s almost 8 pm and it’s not done. After cleaning the suggies cage we went out to eat and just got home now. Hub said we would do it once we get back home but it’s going to be dark real soon so I guess it won’t be for today. I really hate when things doesn’t get done. Now we’ll have to wait next week to do it and it better get done or I’m about to climb that ladder by myself and get it done which is probably not a good idea.

I also haven’t heard back from the manager for my doors so I’m kinda wondering what will happen with them. I really hope they can fix them without having to change the whole doors. Renovation really sucks! I still have to figure out what I will do with the walls where I got the windows changed as the new ones were a bit smaller and left a non painted strip under each windows where the trims used to be. I always wanted to paint the house in colors I’d want but I feel like it’s way too much work. It would be easier to match the color and just paint the strips but meh, even doing that sounds like some work I don’t really want to do. So for now it’s just left like that until I decide what I want to do with it. I’d like to come up with a great idea to cover it without having to paint but so far, no clue what I could do.




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