Bury the castle

Why I unburied it in the first place I don’t recall anymore. I guess it was in a moment of pure exhilaration at finding myself again. I had lost myself for so long that when I finally began realizing who I was and what I had become I became enthusiastic to uncover all the things about myself I had not seen in years. And after finding someone who helped me become a better version of myself, I thought my fairytale castle would be safe if unearthed, protected by myself and the newfound friendship, nay relationship that held my hand as I quickly shoveled away at the compacted dirt.

Of course, fairytales don’t always have happy endings..real life takes care of that. And today I find myself completely found and yet a part of me is gone. Not lost, just gone. The trouble with having your head in the clouds is your feet don’t reach the ground and anything can make you fall. 

So here I am again, picking up my heavy shovel, alone, and burying my castle once again. To say that I am sad to see it slowly disappearing in a heap of soil is an understatement. I do also find myself growing numb at the sight of losing a dream as I’ve seen it disappear so often in my life. 

At least, despite what everyone else sees, I know my castle still stands somewhere beneath my well-planted feet.

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