Day 24 of Sobriety

     Man, today is Independence Day! July 4th and also day 24 of being Sober! I worked today (day shift), but I didn’t mind. It’s Holiday pay and to top it off it keeps me busy! 

     While it’s Independence Day – I feel like each day since June 10th has been my Independence from the poison that I was putting into my body! It’s still hard to realize how much time that I wasted! I was pretty much a slave to Alcohol. It’s nice to be free of it. 

     There are so many great feelings inside of me now and happiness, but it helps to talk about some negative aspects as well. If anybody is reading this Journal and yours serious about quitting – Trust Me – if I can do it you can do it. I thought I’d be a slave forever! 

     Like I said though – I want to touch on a negative aspect! Not because I want the negativity but because I want to release it and it’s something that I feel bad about. I have to get it off my chest. 

     I never cheated on LLS, I never stole from Her, I never lied to Her either – but I did sometimes hide a bit of drinking from Her. I used to go to the store and buy two six packs. I’d tell Her that I was only drinking one six pack and then hide one six pack outside so that She wouldn’t know. (But She probably knew). I feel like such an Asshole for that! Basically, I was hiding my issue so to speak! 

     I regret a lot! But I’m thankful that I stopped! 

Had a meeting tonight! It was great but not as productive. I think everyone was full of food from celebrating the Holiday! It’s great that they still have these meeting regardless of The Holiday. 

     I was a bit impatient today though. I realize that I have to take baby steps – but I just want things fixed already. But, I know that patience is necessary. I’ll remain patient! 

     I watched a great documentary tonight. Taught me a lot about patience. They do say that good things come to those that wait! I wasn’t ready to quit for so long….I guess I can be patient enough for everything to fall back into place! But right now I feel like it’s wasted time. But, the real waste of time was all the drinking. 

Gonna go for another jog then rest. 


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