Day 4 – 30 Days of Summer

Our tag line in Saskatchewan is “Land of Living Skies”; which is a very true statement but I think kind of a cheesy tag (just my opinion).  There are many truths to the line. 

Maybe it’s because we live on the prairies and we can watch the clouds and weather move in and around and away from us at any given time.  Maybe it’s because we can have three or four different seasons all happen in the same day and can watch the sky as they happen.  

I think it’s because we can see the greatest summer storm clouds move in; watch them develop and increase intensity right before our eyes.  That’s what I watched in these clouds when I was out for my bike ride.  

The clouds moved and turned and, when the sun was able to shine through, it was a spectacular sight. I stopped twice just to watch these clouds, hoping they would move toward us so we could have a great little thunder storm but, to my disappointment, they drifted off in the other direction.  That’s ok, we’ll get a great storm soon enough and we can all perch at our windows and watch the sky come to life.  Summer in Saskatchewan! ⛈

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