Day O84 – Alarming condition

Today was terrible.

I went office one hour late and left office 20 min earlier, through out the office time I was uncomfortable and I kept going to washroom every 30 min literally, and I was unable to focus on my work, it was one of my least productive and worse day I have in 2 years.

When I was in university 1st year, my disc of spinal cord got damaged l2 or l3 I don’t remember exactly it was more or less 6 years ago, as a result that damaged disc started putting pressure on my nerves and I felt my right leg becomes heavier and heavier, oh boy at first I thought I was muscle pull I don’t told anyone about this for about 3 months but after that situation becomes out of control then I told my parents, then you know what doctor appointments, MRI etc they took me to the best neurosurgeon of my country he said we have to operate, he’s too young it’s very rare to have this sort of  condition at this age, anyway let me tell you little bit spinal cord injuries , it’s terrible my mom had it and she told she had seen patients screaming with pain when she were getting her treatment, but mine case was different because l2 and l3 discs are painless doctor told my parents I guess that’s the reason I felt no pain in my spinal cord but l2 and l3 has effect or control you sperms means they kept leaking whenever you do movement or put something or sit for long time that was the case with, so the situation was very bad my health were going down, I dropped my 3rd semester I was on best rest officially, I will write this story in detail in weekend entries, what happened and what was the effects on my studies etc, so these days I’m having the same issue, my health is going down rapidly and more trouble is it has made me mentally disturbed, oftentimes my body starts shaking specially my hands, and more trouble is my mind was so stressed these days, my brain was like if it get leaked and your clothes becomes dirty if someone has seen it in office, what a embracing moment it will going to be, arrrr so much stressful, God help me, how could someone focus on his work in this condition, I’m going to take tomorrow off from office, in two day my mood had changed, you can see anger on face clearly don’t know I’m angry on whom maybe on myself, my mood is irritated these days.

That’s all for today.

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