new orleans 👌
this city is so dope. dont know how long ill be down here. 
i dont want to fucking leave!!!!! ashton really likes it down here too. 🙂 i have no immediate plans to leave but now i might have to leave sooner because ashton has to leave to los angeles before august 🙁 fuck nooooooo. and i gotta go get my place sorted out and get ready for berkeley in the fall too. 🙁 🙁 🙁 

i spoke with my parents today and they’re somewhere in spain. they’re on a 2 month cruise. i cant. i just cant be confined to 1 large bathtub for 2 months. 2 weeks? yes. but 2 months? get the fuck outta here! i just cant. 

today was a pretty chill day. we had a bbq at my aunts house and we spent the day drinking and taking a dip in the pool. everyone was pretty full, wasted, and sun burnt by the end of the day…..a perfect summer day.

tomorrow there is going to be a yuuuuuge party going down in the french quarter for the 4th of july. everyone parties in the streets and its like a mini version of mardi gras but without the floats and just party on the streets. its going to be awesome. ashton and i dont really drink but we both want to have a few tomorrow. 

tonight we had a movie night at my aunts also, and we watched ‘Don’t Breathe’. it was pretty good. now we’re back at ashton’s hotel. and my baby is asleep but im trying to catch up on the last season of game of thrones and updating this journal thing.  i was kind of rooting for ramsay bolton up until he went head to head with jon snow. he. 

goooooodnight journal people. 

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