#1 im alone in this

So, this is my first diary entry.  I need somewhere I can vent. Im 22 and currently a 24/7 carer for my partner who has suffered 2 strokes.

Things are on top of me and I cant breathe. Im tired of hearing you tell me to leave you because I need more, im tired of you pushing me away because your pride is in the way of the basic things you need me to help with, im tired of telling you im not here because I feel like I should be im here because I want to be and im sick to fucking death of begging you to let me continue loving you and caring for you.

Its all good and well telling me i deserve more but you feel my soul. The body your in isn’t a problem to me, it will never be a problem. You really believe you’ve hindered my life when all you have done is made it better, made it worthy.

that’s all for today

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