18 years old

So, in about 3 hours I will be 18, ow! This is strange, because time flies so much… i was a kid yestarday and tomorrow I will be a major person haha. Weird.

My 17 years was amaizing, the best year of my life so far!!! I made things I would never think of doing, I made some really good memories, I met amaizing people… and lots of good things happened to me at the age of 17 and I hope my 18 years old will be even better!!!!

One thought on “18 years old”

  1. As a 42 year old I can say there is a lot ahead of you….but don’t forget:

    1. Family – always there – whatever
    2. Friends – there…when required to make the magic
    3. Partner – to knit it all together
    Happy birthday

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