#2 more things im just tired of

Im tired of having to explain myself and my relationship with Michael to people who ‘really think you could do better’ do people realise how disgusting it is to say that to somebody?! like is this a thing we can just openly say to people now? even more so when my disabled partner is stood right there?

Im tired of explaining to my friends why we cant come to the pub this weekend, and my reason not being valid enough. My partner suffered two strokes 2 and a half years ago, hes got severe sciatica a speech impediment and many more health issues. Sometimes leaving the house is impossible for him, whether its due to pain or anxiety, it happens. My friends as nice as they are and as understanding as they try to be just wont let up.. ‘come alone, hell be fine for one night. we miss you’ now I know this is lovely and they mean no harm at all but its fucking annoying, I sound spoilt I know.. a spoilt brat who complains about everything but im just frustrated with life. im frustrated they just don’t understand and im frustrated because I expect them to.

Im tired of phonecalls.. with doctors, carers, opticians, speech therapists you name it im on the phone with them, explaining why it is that  ‘Mr Mcjeven isn’t taking the call himself’

im tired of calling his parents and his family asking them when theyre coming home because he could really use them right now and having to explain that theyre staying away for a few weeks longer,’ he’ll be fine hes been through it all before’

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