[5.1] ~* Wed – 07/05/17*~

[10:17 pm]

So last night after talking about the paranormal, I dreamt of it. I dreamt that I could communicate with spirits and was actually able to hear my dad say hi to me. I so wish it wasn’t only a dream cause I keep wanting my dad to visit me. My mom keeps telling me about this weird stuff going on at her place; candles lighting themselves (battery operated), doorbell ringing when there wasn’t even one anymore, lantern lighting itself, door opening by itself. My mom moved from our old house after my dad passed cause the house wasn’t livable anymore so she’s now renting a house but it seems that my dad followed her there and I sometimes get jealous cause I wish to hear from my dad. 

I’ve always believed in spirits and life after death so I believe in mediums and really love Teresa Caputo which was always a dream of mine to get a reading from her. I probably won’t get a reading but I am going to see her live in August and I can’t wait. I hope and wish so hard that my dad comes through but what are the chances for me to be picked especially when I’m mostly unlucky. I also have a good friend of mine that passed a few years ago and I really misses him and would like to hear from him as well. He was also friend with hub so I keep saying that with my luck that friend will come forward but to talk with hub which would make me sad cause I want to experience a reading soo bad. 




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