[5] ~*Wed – 07/05/17*~

[12:56 am]

I feel blah right now. I should be thinking of sleeping as it is almost 1 am but for some reason I feel like going on some adventure. I want to just go for a drive or something. Ever since we went to this “witch” gravesite last week I’ve been wanting to go on adventures.

I feel like I haven’t done much of my day off and like it is incomplete. We were supposed to go to the movies and didn’t go so for some reason I feel we haven’t really done anything today although we went out to eat. 

Anyways, I think I’m just rambling right now but I like writing so it’s what I’m doing now since I have this place. Looks like I will be on here a lot talking about nothing really. Oh well.. As long as it does me some good. 

Back to the witch grave. I don’t remember why we ended up talking about it last week and I had never heard of the story before but of course once I did I had to go see it. We went when there was still light so it wasn’t as fun and why I want to go back during the night. I always liked paranormal stuff and would love to catch sight of a ghost. I didn’t see anything when we went but it got me wanting to start going places that are supposed to be haunted. I also really want to go spend a night at an old jail. A guy bought an old jail and decided to make it so people can spend the night in a cell which sounds so cool. I sorta want to bring my mom with us and not tell her cause she would think I’m crazy. I had planned a surprise go away last year and she really liked it so I told her I wanted to do it again this year. Of course I didn’t tell her I wanted to bring her in a jail. Bouhaha! I took her to a “haunted” house last year which she really enjoyed so I thought sleeping in a jail cell for a night could be cool. Would be even better if we could get some paranormal activity while we’re there but I’m not really counting on that. 

Well, I should get back to reading if I want to sleep soonish. I also really don’t like writing on my tablet as it is laggy and I keep pushing the wrong letters so this entry will need major editing tomorrow if I want it to be readable. I just wanted to at least write down my thoughts of the moments.


[9:51 pm]

Note to self: Do not use the tablet to write an entry. Too much editing and bullcrap. When I tried to click on the entry it would tell me something went wrong and couldn’t find the entry which scared me as I thought I had lost what I wrote but when I clicked on “edit” I could see what I wrote although I couldn’t edit it but I copy-paste it in another entry.




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