Anything to do with K ;P


I am officially obsessed with anything Korean, K-drams, K-pop, K-beauty, K-BBQ.. Lol

I need to move myself to an attic apartment in Seoul, learn how to perfect my Kimchi making skills, and find myself an Oppa.  ;D

My obsession has gone out of control, where I am willing to learn how to speak Korean, so I don’t have to read subtitles anymore!!!!!

I feel bad for my co-workers who have to listen my crazy jabber of finding me a cute, tall, Korean Oppa!! I am so in the WRONG state, need to move to Cali or East Coast. Someone needs to make a dating app to find Oppas. LOL! Money, right there!!!!

This is my silly side, it rarely show’s itself, but when it does  it is a True Joy for myself. This is pure bliss, being playful, smiling, simply happy. 


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