Day 085 – took off from office + lousy friend

Today was alright.

I took off from office, so I spent all day in bed reading book and listening to sufi music 

Here is the routine, I fell asleep 4 to 5 times during reading around five O clock I became so tired by oversleeping:) 

At evening one of my friend texted me he said he wants to meet me in park where I daily go for jogging, I said okay see you there at 9:45, so I.decided to skip jogging for today I went to park at 9:40 with my sandals on no jogger, I was waiting for him after 10 min I called him, and he said yes from his voice he sounds sleepy, I asked him are you coming, he said will tell you in 10 min, I was sleeping, then I said tell me now, if you don’t what to come today it’s fine, we will meet some other day, he said let’s do it tomorrow then, I said okay. 

How on earth people can do that, like seriously if are not feeling well at least inform other you are not coming, too unprofessional boy.

So I decided to lay down on grass and started starring on moon and trees after 10 min I became bored and went home.

Health report:)

Overall I feels energetic there is a tiny mini pain in my back though and my forehead feel little heavy, and I have decided to visit doctor tomorrow after office.

That’s all for today.

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