Day 25 of Sobriety

     9:25 am July 5th and Day 25! Wednesday!! I have to work! I kinda enjoy going to work now. I’m not hungover going in! It occupies my time! That’s all that I seem to have right now. I do things – but I want to do more. 

     9:15 on Out of work! Listened to some of The Bands new stuff! Gearing up for Tomorrows show. I have been more productive in learning the new stuff. Before, I’d drink while working on tunes. Now it’s easier to remember breaks, leads, where the choruses are and etc. Opening up for a Nashville Recording Artist in a couple of weeks. Gonna be fun! 

I feel conflicted today! This ex of LLS made some false accusations about me to this girl He’s seeing! This girl is friends with my buddy & His GF. I’m very pissed off!! He stated that I broke into LLS’s home, that I’m stalking Her, that She’s going to get an order of protection! I’m pretty angry for a couple of reasons! #1 He’s saying that LLS told Him this. This upsets me because I haven’t said one single bad thing about Her to anybody. In fact, I rightfully took blame for everything!

     I’m tempted to bring this up to LLS but my rational thinking since quitting drinking tells me that it’s not worth it. I’d like to think that if She said anything – that She said it out of anger! I have learned to give people the benefit of doubt. All I know is that I have said nothing negative about Her. 

I’m gonna feel great no matter what She happens. 

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