Day 495 – First day of work, speech therapy & dating

Tuesday, July 4th 2017

Today was very eventful.

It was my first day of work. I basically got five hours of sleep, but it didn’t really bother me all that much. After being worried and my mom telling me to just go knock at the door while stood panicked not knowing where to go until I finally asked someone, and waving goodbye to my mom, I went in. There was a long wait, but finally someone came to give us the safety tour. It was the same guy from last year, so we recognised each other. We went around with a couple of other new guys even though I took the tour last year (I wanted to use the saw correctly this time, and I did, as well as saw an area I didn’t last time), then I worked with the guy giving us a tour for the morning after was placed to work in the same area I did last time (he asked us who wanted to work there, and my hand shot up, haha). I said hi to some people I saw last year as well. The guy I was with talked lot about his leg injuries, then he left midday cause he only does half days cause of them. I ate lunch with a guy that knows my uncle (he works there), and we talked about school and such. Then I went back to work with a new partner. It went by slowly, but finally it was time to go home. My legs and feet were sore, but I had to see my speech therapist.

All went well with it. She didn’t notice anything about my speech in particular. She made conversation with me to analyse me speech, which led to Minecraft and the server haha. She also made me say the names of a few pictures, but I forgot even the simplest French  a words, ugh (what happens when you’re nervous and you spoke English all day). But I have to do is make a conscious effort to speak louder and articulate more.

When I got home, I got a text about Driver asking me if I had a certain cinema near me. After he seemed to be backing away, I basically went straight in for him and said along the lines of “funny, cause I was gonna ask if you wanted to see a movie with me.” We decided to see the Alien movie on Saturday, and he called me cute many times, haha. He smokes, but rarely accodding to him and I don’t have a problem with it, as long as he doesn’t smoke next to me (don’t like the smoke). We then talked for like, two hours, haha. I’m glad though. Gonna have my first real date.

Now I’m going to bed despite it being nearly 10. I’m only gonna get like, 6-6.5 hours of sleep…

That’s all for today.

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