I am female but i’m not going to tell you my name. lets call me raven , I have been battling my demons and depression and all that jazz ever since i was little little i’ve lost my family at age 3 but managed to keep two siblings by my side ..i’ve seen things no 3-4 year old should never see..i’ve endured so much pain, hate..i’ve started to think that there was no hope for me being alive ii wanted to die by age 8 , by then i was with an abusive family..if we would have stayed there any long i think i would of had my wish of dying but i had to think of my siblings i got us out of there and am now with a different family.i started out pretty good then i met guys…i went down the wrong path it messed my head up so bad i actually tried suicide as a way out of the mess..but it didn’t work..i have nightmares now…i went to a hospital for a bit and it helped but after i got out i went back to my old ways and now i’m stuck. i don’t know what to do i want to die..but then again i don’t. ..update: i am living with my bf ..am i happy? somewhat.i have to fight my urges everyday. my life at this points is a big downer.  

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