Yesterday the Fourth I really wanted to be a special day.  So having season passes to the local amusement park, my son and I decided to go.  We got our  passes processed and entered the park.  Meanwhile I told him that he would possibly have to help me get in and DEFINITELY have to help me get out of the rides.  I have absolutely no muscle strength in my legs due to this chemo and lifting myself up is nearly impossibly.  Off to the first ride an indoor coaster.  Got in with no problem.  Enjoyed the ride.  At the end of the ride the son got out and WALKED AWAY.  All this while his poor mother ME was literally STUCK and had absolutely no strength to lift myself out of the seat.  I screamed for him and YES HE STOOD THERE and they actually STOPPED the freakin ride.  LIKE MAJOR EMBARRASSMENT FOR ME.  This ugly old lady stuck like a beached whale in the seat of this ride which meanwhile is wide enough for 4 people to sit across.  Like HELP me here.  When I managed to get myself out FINALLY I walked up to the SON and CRIED BIG TIME CRIED.  I guess he thought I was kidding.  Next we watched the movie which was air conditioned and then we went to ride the TRAIN.  Once again it needed both arms and hands wrapped around a pole to help lift myself up and out of the seat.  Next on to the Paratrooper.  We were next in line and went in and straight out the exit.  I did not feel well at this point and so we now left the  park.  Paid about $106 for the passes.  Rode 2 rides and the movie.  Those were some expensive rides.    Went home took a shower and went to bed.  Later the son took me to the local fireman’s carnival.  He won a bunch of knives at a ring toss game, bought me a lemonade, saw a friend from work, went home and WENT TO BED.  Am I happy about this.  HELL NO.  Amusement parks, well the local one WAS the only enjoyment I had left in this lousy life.  Now that is even gone.  The  thought of going to the beach or traveling anywhere is truly out of the question.  I would probably get stuck in the airplane seat and end up God only knows where.  Work, chemo, doctors, hospitals and bed.  This my friends is the story of my lousy life. 

Today was chemo.  Counts were good and I got my Onpro.  Friday is hospital again.  Thanks son for the fun.

PS  Anyone reading this you ARE allowed to laugh.  I’m not but you are allowed to laught.  So by all means GO RIGHT AHEAD AND HAVE A GOOD ONE ON ME.

By the way, the son told me that he needed to find someone else to go to the park with because he likes to ride too. 

Also still must make that eye doctor appointment.  Sorry for any typos here but my eyesight is like GONE.  Computer screen is a complete blur.

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