Day 26 of Sobriety

    7:00am Day 26 – Thursday – Going to head out for a haircut at 8am. I need to get this mop off of my head. I slept like a champ last night! It feels so great to be sleeping and it feels great being rested up! I want to pick up a few things for The Boy’s. They’ve both asked for Pillow Pets a few times. I saw some TMNT ones last week and hopefully they still have them. Kid #1 asked for tomato plants again this year. I want to pick some up for them. Hopefully LLS will let me plant them with The Boys. I don’t want to push my luck. 

     11:00am On the bus headed to meet My Bass player! It took me a bunch of phone calls and a couple of hours to find a place to get a haircut. But, I finally got this hair chopped. Holy, I feel like a crazy person because I’m Happy again today and I keep bragging about it. Just the weight of no longer drinking us off my shoulders. Just odd how there’s such a change in attitude, happiness and in how I deal with things. It’s nice! Hoping for a great day and a great turnout at tonight’s show. 

     11:45pm What a superb day! When I arrived to meet My Bass player LLS and the Boys were checking the mail. The Boys were excited to see me. Especially #1. I used to joke with LLS about this a bit. Her and I both love the Boys equally, but it’s like #1 is closer to me and #2 is closer to Her. Not that we pick favorites, but #1 is my sidekick when we do things and #2 is Her sidekick when we Do things. 

     Anyway, LLS was very great Today. She was rightfully a bit “gaurded” and stand offish. I can’t blame Her – but it was very nice. I got to spend a good portion of the day with Her and The boys. We ordered pizza and had a little picnic in the yard. It was great. I’m extremely thankful to Her. 

     There’s was some awkwardness and I could still feel a bit of tension in the air – but it was nice. I got to spend time with the Boys as they were riding the bikes that We bought them for Easter. I missed those boys so much and I just wanted to hug Laura for allowing me this time with them. 

     I didn’t want to bring anything negative up, but I did ask LLS how much it cost Her to replace the glass in Her car that I had picked up. I feel like I absolutely want to reimburse Her. $150 She said. 

     I asked Her if She wanted me to drop the money off tonight or tomorrow. She said that it was ok to drop it off after I’m back from my show. We didn’t get back until 11pm. I saw the porch light on but I didn’t want to bother Her. I wasn’t sure if She were sleeping or not. A bit later I went out for a smoke (next bad habit to go) and the light was off. Apparently She did wait up for me. 

     But, I had a great show, I would have wanted to talk about my show and chit chat so I’ll wait until the Morning. I don’t want to push my luck. She was great today. I don’t want to mess up a good day. Though I did want to go over. I would have liked to have spent some one on one time – but that’s probably much better being something saved for another time if it were to happen. She probably wanted to go to bed anyway. 

     I am hoping to put everything bad behind us. I do really enjoy spending time with Her. She’s a good person and obviously with me being sober now – it is true that somehow She does bring out the best in me! If not for Her, I might be not writing this at this time and be drinking instead so I have to give Her credit. 

     I’m having these feelings of indifference though! 

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