Day 496

Wednesday, July 5th 2017

Today was alright.

Work went by as usual. Instead of the afternoon being long and tedious, it was the morning. I dreaded going to work, but once I got into the motion, it was alright. At lunch I sat with the same guy I did last time. Apparently he didn’t go to high school with my uncle, but they do know each other. Another guy came along and showing pet pictures ensued, except for the guy I first ate with, since he didn’t have a pet, so he just showed random animal pictures haha. Also, my morning partner asked what music I listened to and I said metal. Apparently, him being a biker and all, doesn’t like metal at all. Then he said he likes country… He kept saying “You and your heavy metal…” but when I came up with the reply a few seconds later, he didn’t say it again. Was gonna say “You and your country music”, but oh well, haha. He knows I don’t like country music, and he even gave me a look when I said it, so guess we’re even, haha.

At home I was just sore (and I mean sore, where I went to bend down to get a wrapper I dropped and as soon as I bent down, my legs gave up and I fell forward a bit haha) and watched YouTube, read and watched Supernatural. My dad gave us these cool 150th Canada pins, which is nice.

Going to bed now. Almost 9pm. Gonna try waking up a bit later, like 5:15am, just to give me maybe a few for minutes of sleep.

That’s all for today.

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