do people actually read these journals. i pour my heart out here haha

ok so I made a new account, a real me account, with a real name and the same real story.

Im 22 and my partner is 36. He suffered from 2 strokes about 5 years back, has extreme anxiety, muscle spasms, cognitive issues, memory loss, sciatica, Type 2 diabetes a stammer and tonnes of other health problems.

Being 22 and in a situation like this was never something id imagined, I mean when we got together I knew about the strokes and the stammer and then everything else kinda just entered the equation…now at first I never imagined we would become so serious, and I know you didn’t either, I was just going with the flow I was only 19 after all haha.

Then the first hospital appointment you had whilst being involved with me, you called me when you got home and said the doctor had suggested you weren’t alone through the night because youd had a lumbar epidural and was very uneasy on your feet, so I came, because of course I was going to, and you knew that. That night I took real good care of you, and all through the next day.

things soon began to slip into a routine, I came round. We cooked together, watched some crap on tv and fell asleep. 3 weeks turned into 3 month and then it turned into 3 years.

I don’t know when I became your carer but I do remember googling and researching and asking your carers and therapists as much as I could about all of your health issues so I could become the person you needed, I guess that’s when I took on the carer role huh?  haha. Inside I needed to be a person you could rely on.

This isn’t me complaining lol just jotting my thoughts down. I wouldn’t change none of this for anything else in the world.

2 thoughts on “do people actually read these journals. i pour my heart out here haha”

  1. Yes – people read kylabug 🙂
    Sounds like you’re a pretty good find for your partner. Sounds like a v.tricky situation but maybe you need to find time for yourself aswell? Only a suggestion.
    Best wishes to you both,

  2. Yeah time for myself is a hard find at the moment. I try haha. Its near impossible, and when I do, i feel bad and want to go home lol. catch 22. Im happy people do actually read them. it feels nice! Thank you, Woody.

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