We’ve rented a home for the summer in our home ‘state’ of Dalarna, on the shore of the Siljan river. I love my country so much, unfortunately and completely due to political reasons, in 50 years Sweden will no longer be Sweden; a harsh fact but its true. We will enjoy it while it lasts. But it has been a breath of fresh air to be back, and to be home.It feels so great to be home. I love the US and Boston and Los Angeles are both great cities, but they cannot compare to my homeland. Ramsay and I don’t want to leave.


Here are some pics from summer so far . . .

The home we rented for 2 months is beautiful! Its privately located on shore of the western shore of the Sollerön island. Its the most beautiful scenic nature, to me its beautiful because I grew up in a nearby village. 


The lake is so beautiful! This is lake Siljan (to the north) and I grew up on the southern part of lake Siljan. Ramsay was born and raised Mora, Sweden ( a town in the northern shore of Lake Siljan). The first time we ever met was in Pasadena, California, even though we were both Dalarna natives, and now we’re both retuning home after all this time, together. Its kind of poetic 🙂 

This was after the summer rainstorm, and the houses of the village are all colored in red and white paint. Traditional Swedish houses!

My neighbors own a horse ranch, they were so friendly. 🙂


A view of the neighborhood to the left. So Swedish, so pretty, so quiet and beautiful. 


This was during a summer music festivalen party. They happen a lot during summer all over the villages in Dalarna.


Midsummer is BIG IMPORTANT EVENT for us Swedes. And we usually dress up in our folk clothing, girls wear dresses and men wear traditional trousers and hats. The folk clothing varies from village to village. And you can tell where someone is from by their dress. These girls are from this village (north-western Dalarna). 



My family for the past 500 years is from the state of Dalarna, but we are specifically from the area of Leksand (the town) and even more specific the villages of Östanhol and Laknäs (my dad’s family – my mom is Norwegian). And in the area of Leksand (where those villages are located in) this is the traditional folk dress for us. 🙂 This girl was wearing it but I couldn’t get a picture of her from the front because she had a baby she was nursing and I didn’t want to bother her.


Even though I can’t really ‘return’ to my old village (best to avoid the potential of running into my family) I did pay a visit to my home village, Östanhol. 🙂 

This is a pic around a small river that runs into the lake. Its so picturesque its almost from a story book. 


This is somewhere in the woods in Leksand. 


While in Leksand I visited some of my cousins. 🙂 


More of my cousins. 


We spend two days here with my aunt, even though the family drama, they were still pretty nice and welcoming. Ramsay – looking creepy – here having a swim at night in the river. IT was freezing cold, he’s insane. 


o.O scary

Thankfully I haven’t gotten sunburn thanks to 30 layers of sunblock but my ears are getting oddly burned though. I might look a little bland, but its a no makeup selfie.



Now we’re back at out little place on Sollerön island.  I love this place. Hawaii, Maui, Seychelles, no place I’d rather be right now than home. <3

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