How the Mind Normalizes

There was a little bit of concern in the community as to what could have attacked me but it was generally suggested that it was a bear looking for food after a long hibernation.  It all happened so fast that I had convinced myself they all must be right. 

By the passing of the next few weeks, I had all but forgotten about the incident with the “bear”.  I was more interested in a bad scar that I had on my left arm. It was caused by a fall from a tree when I was about ten years old.  It was disappearing.

I had broken my arm badly and had a compound fracture that spit the skin open with the bone protruding.  I lay on my mother’s bed in agony for more than an hour while they fetched the nearest doctor.  I was in such pain that if anyone even approached the bed, I would scream at them to get away. My father had stopped the bleeding but could do nothing to set the bone.  I remember falling in an out of consciousness awakened only by the searing pain in my arm. The doctor set the bone and stitched my torn flesh with a needle and some thread. It had left a very bad scar almost the full length of my arm and there was a slight misalignment of the bone as well.

I had felt some tingling in the arm and noticed that I could hardly see the scar anymore and the bone seems to be straighter.

Now it was almost gone after all those years. I had also gained a little weight and felt stronger than I had in a long time. There was no reason for me to relate this strange healing to the incident with the “bear”.  

I continued to work at the bakery for Eva’s father and I continued my routine of making the trip to see Eva and bring the bread from the store.  I didn’t realize it at the time but any fool would have known if her father wanted bread from the store, he would have just taken it when he left for the day.  I know now that Eva’s parents must have wanted Eva and I to have a courting relationship. 

Days went on and the full moon was upon us again. The injury from the incident was the last thing on my mind when I left the store to make the short walk to Eva’s house.  It was still light out and the moon still hid beneath the horizon. I felt a little bit unusual, sort of jittery like I had had to much coffee.  Again, Eva and I exchanged niceties while seated at the kitchen table with her mother between us.  When it was time for me to leave, I bid them both a good evening and went on my way home.

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