Im Just Hurting…..

I feel so broken I really do. I dont know how I could let you do what you have been doing. Im just hurting everyday im not with you and I yell at you cause I feel like I need to since its your fault im here.Its your fault im hurt I want to see you and be with you but now you tell me to give you  a day to breath. You tell me that your done with me. How could this be? How did we get here? I dont want a divorce. I dont want this heartache. All I ever wanted was to be with you and happy. I love you so much. We have had almost 3 years together and this is where its ending. This is what I get. From leaving my family to be with you and yours. For sticking by your side when you would feel hurt and sad. For working all those times you couldn’t get a job. Taking care of you and me. I get nothing. Nothing but pain and abandonment I told you. You never wanted me did you.. You started fading away on purpose. Was it love or a punishment? I guess the jokes on me huh? While these tears fall down my face all I can think about is the pain and what a waste. This lesson that I learned is so hard. Will I ever get through this. I will have to try. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right or so they say. 




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