Journal Entry #35 (Difficult Situations *mindless ranting*)

 7:00 AM. I am playing a game on my newly-acquired laptop. I get to a save point and decide to quit, browse through a few sites and then go to sleep. I only get halfway through that process when my dad bursts into the room and tells me that some people are coming over to check out the house today, and to wake up my brothers and clean up our room. That’s all fine and dandy, until you factor in that my brothers had just gone to sleep 10-30 mins prior to all this (we are all night owls lol). Waking them up is what infuriates me; why do I have to wake them up and be the bearer of bad news? They like to complain about things that they don’t want to do and I hate being the messenger in situations like that.

Also, we pretty much have to stay awake until the people come and leave, yay for me, who’s been awake all night. I can already feel my “sleep at 7 AM” schedule shifting as the time slowly approaches 9 AM.

8:48 AM (Now) Andddd I can hear my dad starting up his car. I guess he’s going to work; leaving me to take care of this mess. He did say that I was in charge, which I hate because I dislike responsibility. I always screw things up so I hate to be in the lead. Butttt, I have no choice now. This was all thrown on me in the span of a minute. I wish he would have told us earlier; we would have already had cleaned up the room and I would have done my best to keep my brothers awake.

My dad has no idea when the people are coming, so I guess I better go and wake up my brothers right now. I really hate situations like this. Wish me luck.

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  1. Heyooo, I miss you homie. We should start talking again 🙂 I’m sorry for disappearing…message me?

  2. I saw this a week too late, sorry! Just sent you a message ^^

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