little green dot

I think my paranoia is kicking in.  3 july just before sunrise we were startled awake when our dog, cujo, started barking. We didn’t know what the noise was but a few hours later we learned a can of biscuits exploded in the refrigerator.  

Later that morning I let cujo out and about an hour later, my husband let him out again. Around noon, I realized his collar was missing and my husband found it out back behind some brush. It doesn’t appear to be broken and he was given a bath the day before, maybe we didn’t put it on correctly.

It was around 3 pm when I seen a little green dot on cujos right leg. My paranoia was kicking in so I started looking for a needle mark. I asked my husband about it and convinced myself it was a grass stain while cleaning it with a wet cloths.   

It must have been around 7 when my husband asked if I remembered what leg the mark was on because he paw was bleeding on top. My husband likes to blame cujo’s injuries on his adventures in the woods but i’m not convinced; i’m paranoid.

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