What the heck

Okay I’m done, I’m just going to say it. This world is progressing yet minds still stand in the past. What goes through a persons head when they tell their grandchild, ” If you stay some place alone, you’re bound to be raped. ” How could you say that to your grandchild, how could you tell them that you think that they are going to have something terrible happen to them by taking the next step in their lives. Yes I know that it’s scary that I am going to be living somewhat alone, and yes bad things could happen, but everyone takes a step in their lives that comes with risks. If you press it into their mind that they’re too weak to head out into the world then you are damaging them, hurting them by suppressing their inner strength. So my message is, do not suppress someone because you are afraid, strengthen them so that they will flourish and thrive. – Seriously

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