Community managing

          Recently i have taken the time to talk to new a wide variety of players on play on the Moonshade role-play server. I brought to  them the discussion of the role we have on the server called ” The community manager “.  I asked them if they knew what it was , and in there eyes what someone who has this role should do ans pursue on the server. I got  a lot of different mixed answers and even a lot of surprising ones too. To start off i will give you my input and take on this. Ive been playing on Moonshade for just over a year now  and have only found out that we had one like 8 months in tbh. After i knew who it was which his name is “Gnome” for the people who do not know this I started to wonder to myself if he is even worthy in a sense to be in  this position.

           Some of the questions that I asked the people who i spoke with were

   – Whats a community manager do? 

   – Why have a role that is too big to fill by someone who cant do it 

           What i have got from the questions that i asked them were basically them telling me that well they never even see him on the server a lot of people font even know who he is and that we had a “community manager” in the first place, and why have a role that is meant have a person active on the server a lot and involved with the server and there when needed. As a player who is legit ALWAYS on the server i can defend the fact that this role is not being Pursued well at all. I have not seen him on in like 3 weeks and he rarely comes on at all. When he does its just for a short amount of time, and for what ive seen he is just doing his gambling thing. Some of you may be wondering why he was given this role in the first place if he cant even do it in a sense. I think this is the back story but am not sure anyways  that the community manager started when the community was young and small, and all the current admins at the time were too busy to stay on server. The community had someone to talk to if they had a problem. Now the community is quite larger, we have several active admins on daily, any problems can be quickly solved. If we were to maintain the role then it would require the use of several different people. That would completely negate the role. We don’t require a community manager anymore. The has become obsolete where we have outgrown it. Now of course getting rid of this rank does not mean getting rid of the person too. We  as the “community” just feel that this role is no longer needed and that it should not be held to just one person, but instead what we feel would be more beneficial is if this role goes away and taken, and instead have it  be done by the admin team as a whole, not by one player. Think of it as a “given” and admin is supposed to manage the community that is basically what it means so why don’t we leave this role for ALL admins. We as a community have thought about this for a while and have put great thought into this, and its just obvious that this role at this point is not even a role because its not being done by the person at all. Those who play on the server know that he does not come on ever and is not fit for this. A great example would be when a Cop killed a civilian that did not shoot him  which is “cop rdm”  The player who got killed by the cop and called admin. The community manager came on and well he did not know how to remove a person cop so instead he Banned this cop from the server for a full 1 week. All  because he did now know how to take away  a players cop. Now i personally like gnome and think he is a great guy and friend, but as the role  he has i dont  believe  it is suit for him or anyone for it is obsolete, and should be  managed by the  whole admin team rather then one person 

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