Day 7 – 30 Days of Summer

Our days are never boring, they’re usually busy and can end in scrapes, bruises and dirt.  This probably doesn’t sound fun for a lot of people but, for me, this kind of day is awesome!

Today I thought I was just helping Jim and Jenna unload a few paving stones into her yard. Easy, right?  But we were also taking the broken tree off her garage which fell during a wind storm.  Before I really knew what was happening, I was knee deep in branches, Jim was crawling around on the roof with a chainsaw and tree branches were tumbling to the ground.

Taking it to the landfill costs 💰💰so we wanted to get all of it in one trip.  That’s when my fun started.  I got to walk around on top of it in the truck, snap those branches and pack it best I could. How fun!  The fuller the truck got, the more I had to stomp and the scratchier it got. My leg got caught a couple times and a piece of my ankle is in there somewhere when a branch snagged it.  

We did it, we got the whole tree in the truck and hauled it to the dump.  Now when we got there, everything I packed in the truck had to be pulled out and dumped in a bin….geeze, more scratches and scrapes. 

Once again I ended my day sweaty, dirty, tired and completely happy. The exhausted physical body is amazing therapy for emotional well being.  Go out and get dirty, get busy, get tired….it’s seriously the best thing you can do! 

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