Day O86 – Eventful Day

Today was good!

My day was full of events, I took half day off from office and went to university and finally got my degree 🙂 I talk a lot with my university best friend, he is employed in university research center and doing his master’s, we ate food and drinks milkshake which was quite tasty, then I left university and went office.

In office my day was full of learning, I learned something that sometimes take years to learn, it’s about project management, I have got these tips from senior most artists, from now on I’m naming his pro guys:) which talking to him I told him I’m reading Nicolas tesla’s autobiography, then he started to discuss some intellectual topics with me our talk went too long but I was enjoying the deep conversation, he explained he tesla was a true genius, by explaining his concept of gravity vs Newtown and Einstein he said there methods end result are same but tesla explained it very well which makes sense for everyone. He added, once someone asked Einstein how it’s feel to be a genius, Einstein replied ask Tesla.

Then he stated a new topic he was explaining me how a small group of people controlling the world, he explained this with the help of propaganda theories, it was a good conversation.

Before leaving office I did a meeting with CEO about game polish and what tasks he wants me to-do on higher priority and all it was a good talk, I was feeling better after talking to him.

At night I went to park for walking, my back was killing me so I decided to sit on the bench and stared on sky the view was very beautiful because of clouds and weather was wonderful.

That’s all for today.

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